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Climbing Roots in Peza-Rock Talos

The field Peza consists of the rocks Minoas,Talos,Istronas and Panas.

Located 12km East of Agios Nikolaos, at an altitude of 300m. Peza is one of the most popular areas for sport climbing in Crete.

The orientation of Minoas,Talos and Istrona Rocks allows the climber to climb throughout the day and all year round.

The exploded view of the route varies from 14 to 30m.,and proposes a 60-70m rope and 16 kits.

The rock is of very good quality i.e. solid Limstone.The creation of the field is still in progress, but there are routes to suit climbers of all levels.

All routes are sporty character and are equipped with inox bolts and plugs. In Dionysus cave in Talos rock, the difficulty routes are 8a,8b+.!!!

What makes this area special and unique is the panoramic view over the Mirabello Bay and the peaks of Lassithi mountains. The beatiful nature surrounding it enables fans to climb all day on the rocks since there is always shade.

  • Contact Name: Koulougousidis Dimitris
  • Contact Telephones: 003028410-28585,00306974891725
  • Fax:003028410-28585
  • E_mail: omadadiasosis@gmail.com
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