Loutro Hill S.West

A small picturesque fishing village in south west Crete, not yet spoilt by mass tourism. Discover the beautiful beaches like glyka nera ( sweet water ),timios stavros, pervolaki, marmara, (the most are naturist beach) and enjoy the sun, sea and peaceful tranquility.

Here you will find the rest and peace you are looking for and if you want there are lots of things to do !

Enjoy walking in the scenic, unspoilt mountain countryside with its valleys and gorges. of course you never think about the weather forecast , the weather is almost always warm and sunny. The great high mountains on the north side of the village give a big protection during the seasons.

The people are friendly and hospitable and will always be there for you.

The only access is by boat or as you wish, by foot !

Loutro is a place for those people who want something different.

For example there are no big hotels with swimming pools.

There are no overcrowded streets, restaurants and beaches, there are no cars!!.

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