Crete Land Maritime

Crete is a piece of land kneaded out of the dough of the sea


Even on the highest of her mountains, deep inside the ground, someone can find small seashells: distant echoes, worn out but still alive witnesses of the sea –womb that gave birth to her. And she, bearing her memories she sails to the opened sea, thousands of years now. Memories of her own -reflections of the material that created her and of its’ smell that she carries, soaking her skin into itand memories of the people that had lived on her and still do throughout centuries.

She had watched them with affection growing up, changing through Time, altering their costumes and their symbols and always remain the same, struggling for the best and saying her name taking sacred oaths, joining hands and hearts. She had watched them fighting to tame her coarse soil and her stubborn sea, stubborn and courageous themselves just like their homeland.

She kept reverently inside her heart the names of all her known and unknown meritorious children, inside her mind and her bowels fragments of the civilization they gave birth to- a storehouse of memory, to keep us from forgetting and stumbling. Wherever we dig, the soil is moist of memories. Nikos and Pandelis Sotiriadis wish to give flesh and blood to all the above with the sculpture "Crete, Land Maritime".

The dual nature of the sculpture (land-sea, ancient-contemporary) is implied from the very beginning by combining two radically opposite materials, hard metal and fragile glass, as well as by the place that the artists chose to set their sculpture on. A piece of land that invades the sea. Its’ name also includes the fascinating oxymoron that distinguishes the Cretan –and the entire Greekland: Maritime Land.

The sculptors, depositing their very souls, tried to conceive and depict the coexistence of all the opposite elements that characterize the animate and inanimate materials that consist the country they live and work in. But mostly, through the symbolization of their sculpture, they tried to achieve the commemoration of the beliefs and the suffering of Cretans throughout centuries. -Anna Sotiriades
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